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Operating in Restricted Airspace - Drone Timelapse

This week we started recording a time lapse video following construction of two 3G sports pitches. This will involve a drone flight once a week, weather permitting, for around 18 weeks.

Restricted Airspace - Drone Construction Timelapse

This is usually a straightforward automated flight, repeated on each visit and edited to become a finished timelapse capturing the full construction of the pitches. In this case matters were slightly complicated by the very close proximity of an International Airport! This of course makes it Restricted Airspace and special permissions apply. So as well as the usual flight manual, we needed to apply for permission with to National Air Traffic and await their approval. Thankfully this is routine procedure for us and we usually have approval within 10-14 days. Following this, on the day of each flight we contact the local Air Traffic Controllers to coordinate our flights.



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